Conservation at Woodside

The project to create a Conservation Area began in February 2002.This project has been to make improvements to an area of old pasture which had become redundant and uneconomical to use as grazing land, and transform it into a wildlife area. With the adjacent habitats being predominately pasture, improved grassland and woodland, it was an ideal situation to create a site with the potential to support protected species such as Great Crested newts and other important species.

Colour and Variety all year round…

Over 500 native water plants, trees and shrubs have been planted together with approximately 100 varieties of wild flowers, aiming to give colour and variety all year round.

To be in keeping with the objectives of the project, all benches and picnic tables are environmentally friendly, having been made from recycled materials. They provide customers with an ideal perch to take in the tranquillity of the pools and waterfalls or look out for the butterflies; damsel flies; herons and the elusive kingfisher.

David Bellamy Conservation Awards are made each year to parks which can demonstrate policies showing active concern for the environment.

Woodside Country Park has won the Gold Award EVERY year since 2005.



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