Pond Dipping

Kids always love pond dipping. Across the site there are numerous ponds, but who knows what aquatic life hides within them? Pond snails, whirligig beetles, pond skaters, frogspawn, tadpoles, water boatmen, duckweed… the list goes on. If you forget your net, don’t panic – Nets are available to buy in reception.

The Woodland Trust have an ideal ‘pond dipping’ guide available.
You can download this guide using the link below.

Animal Spotting

Woodside Country Park is a haven for an abundance of wildlife, from butterflies and damsel flies to herons and the kingfisher. Download our handout and see how many wild animals you can discover.

The site is adjacent to a working sheep farm. Springtime is exciting with the new born lambs jumping around the lush fields. You may also see and/or hear Rosemary the donkey who lives on the farm.

Wild Water Swimming

The Cider Mill Pool provides for a refreshing dip for those braving wild water swimming. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times!



Rumour has it the Woodside fairies have moved in. See if you can find their secret houses hidden amongst the trees and bushes.


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